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1) What is this site?
This site is a Exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity.
2) What are mXVP?
The mXVP are points received for each activity on our site.
3) What can I do with mXVP?
You can grow and promote your social media.
4) How I can earn mXVP?
You will earn mXVP for every exchange from you, to our users.
5) Can I buy mXVP?
Yes, you can buy mXVP with VirtaCoinPlus XVP. Click on "Buy coins"
6) How can i earn some XVP?
You can earn by refering new members and surfing sites.
7) Can i ask for payout?
Yes, once you reached our payout minimum you can request it to your VirtaCoinPlus (XVP) wallet address.
8) Will i receive payment instantly?
No, your request will be checked and sent manualy. So it could take some time to be received
9) Can i have more than one account?
No, you are allowed to have only one account